Chief Instructor (Sahyun)

Master J Moreno VII Degree

Master J Moreno started training Moo-Duk Kwan Taekwon-Do in 1973 in Mexico City under the tutelage of Grand Master Dai-Won Moon and full contact world champion, Master Ramiro Guzman, participating in national tournaments as part of the junior team. After moving to the UK he decided to give his Taekwon-Do carreer a radical twist by switching to ITF style. In November 2016 he was awarded VII Degree Master by GM Hector Marano and GM Lan at the 114th IIC held in Paris

Assistant Instructors (Boo Sabum)

Miss Laura Musins III Degree

Laura started training at Pantera in 2004, reaching red tag by the time she left in 2007. After travelling she continued training at Exeter University Taekwondo Club and became an assistant instructor at Stoke Hill club in Exeter and clubs in Cornwall. Leaving as a black tag in 2011, Laura re-joined Pantera and got her black belt in 2012 and third degree in 2015.

Mr Christopher Jones III Degree

Mr Jones began training in 1997 under (now) Master Kuhlman at the university of Leicester. He achieved competition results such as Inter Universities Champion. Between 2002 and 2007 he pursued a career in music before returning to Taekwon-Do under Mr Moreno. He has trained in courses and seminars run by GM Bos, GM Marano, GM Lan and GM Ellis. He opened and now runs the Friern Barnet club in September 2013 and is currently focused on expanding this. He holds a III Dan black belt with 3 international instructors certificates.

Mr Arian Salih III Degree

Arian started his martial arts training at the age of fourteen in his native Kurdistan, but after a while he decided to make the transition to Taekwon-Do. After moving to the UK he carried on his training under Mr Moreno, achieving his Black Belt in 2009. He is currently a III Degree, an instructor at Pantera as well as running his newly established Taekwon-Do school.